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Snellville Performing Arts is excited to announce our Spring class offerings.  This Spring, enjoy classes for all ages and levels as we encourage our students to not only learn skills in dance, voice, and performance, but also recognize and encourage personal, emotional, and social growth, as well.  Snellville Performing Arts strives to serve the whole student and our staff members, teachers, students, and families all work together to create a supporting, engaging, and fun atmosphere.

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Classes listed below are intended to engage performers in dance and movement.  Each class lists the title, a short class description, the age range the class is intended for, and the day and time the class will meet each week of the Spring semester.

In this class, children will warm up, stretch, and learn simple guided movements and kid-friendly dance routines!  This class encourages children to develop healthy habits and incorporate fitness as a natural part of their lives by making fitness fun!

AGES: 5-10          Wednesdays 5:30pm-6:20pm

Kid fit movement & dance

Warm up, stretch, and get ready to move!  This course encourages students to learn, understand, and put to practice a variety of conditioning skills that will help actors and dancers of any level.

AGES: 11 & Up          Wednesdays 6:30pm-7:20pm


This class uses a combination of dance styles and techniques to teach students in the Musical Theatre style of dance.  This class will use warm-ups, exercises, and combinations that focus on building coordination and confidence in choreography and movement.  This is a fast-paced class where students will learn high intensity, professional style combinations to some of Broadway’s biggest hits!

 AGES: 11 & Up         Wednesdays 7:30pm-8:20pm

Mt dance combos & choreo


Classes listed below are intended to engage performers in the area of vocal technique.  Each class lists the title, a short class description, the age range the class is intended for, and the day and time the class will meet each week of the Spring semester.

studio voice

This class is designed to help students gain both confidence in and knowledge about their own voice.  This is a practical class that will help students to recognize their vocal range, study and select appropriate audition songs that best suit their type and voice, and stretch their musical theatre repertoire.  Through warm-ups, exercises, and technique training, students will stretch themselves and have a guided focus on a piece of music that they can feel confident in adding to their audition and performance book.  

AGES: 11 & Up     Thursdays 5pm-5:50pm

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We have reduced our maximum class sizes this year to accommodate social distancing and more individualized instruction time within small groups.  We expect classes to fill up quickly, so please reserve your spot!  You can register using the big blue button at the top of this page!



Registration fees are $25 per student.  Snellville Performing Arts will charge a single class tuition of $60 per six-week class for our Spring class session.  Payment plans can be discussed based on a family’s needs and must be done through our Executive Director, Stephanie McDonald (Email Otherwise, full tuition should be paid prior to the beginning of classes. 


Please be on time for drop off/pick up for both the start and finish of your student’s class(es).  Doors will remain closed during classes to minimize distractions, limit numbers, and to ensure that students remain focused and engaged during their scheduled class.  Please make sure your student’s hair is secured for dance classes and that all students arrive dressed appropriately for their classes. 


- Students who exhibit any symptoms of Covid-19, including cough, shortness of breath, fever, etc will not be permitted to attend classes

- All students and staff must be masked before entering the studio and will remain masked during classes

- Temperatures of staff and students will be taken upon entrance

- Students will use hand sanitizer upon entrance

- Students will be limited to one bag or backpack and must store them in their designated cubby in the back studio

- SPA will limit the number of students per class
- SPA will limit foot traffic inside the studio lobby
- SPA will limit the use of handheld props for all classes

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