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executive director

stephanie mcdonald

     Stephanie McDonald was born and raised in Snellville, Georgia and has always dreamed of sharing her passion for the performing arts with her hometown. She graduated from Brookwood High School and studied English, Theatre, and Education in both her Bachelor's and Master's degree programs.  Stephanie is the Executive Director at award-winning nonprofit Snellville Performing Arts, serves as an adjudicator for the Shuler Hensley Georgia High School Musical Theatre Awards, and has worked with schools and performing arts companies all over the Metro-Atlanta area directing and choreographing, as well as designing and building sets, costumes, and props.

Stephanie McDonald Headshot 2019.jpg

     Most recently, Stephanie was recognized with the Gwinnett Young Professionals 35 Under 35 2021 award for business leaders who connect, grow, and deeply impact their community.  She and SPA were also a Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce Top 10 Finalist in the Community Contributor category of the 2021 Gwinnett Small Business Awards celebrating those who start, sustain, and succeed in making a big difference in the lives of others in their community.  SPA has also been recognized just this month with fourteen nominations for the BroadwayWorld Regional Awards including Best Production of the Year, Best Direction, Best Costume Design, Best Choreography, and multiple performer nominations, as well.


     Stephanie is Passionate about her students and their education and works hard with each and every student to ensure that they are learning in the way that suits them best, pushing them to stretch themselves, while also creating a safe space where they are able to take risks in their craft.  She is thrilled to be building her program in the heart of Snellville, where Everybody's Somebody at Snellville Performing Arts!

managing director

alyssa paduano

     Alyssa Paduano graduated from Oglethorpe University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She is currently pursuing a Master's of Science in Psychology from Purdue University. She started in theatre at a very young age and has continued studying the performing arts throughout her life.  She is a strong actress, award-winning vocalist and director, and an accomplished writer, having written and directed her own play, titled Till Death Do Us Part.  Alyssa has worked with schools and performing arts companies all over the Metro-Atlanta area as a make-up artist for productions, building sets and props, and running voice workshops.

     Alyssa has an incredible passion for sharing her love of the performing arts with her students.  As one of the founding members of the company, Alyssa has been with Snellville Performing Arts from the very beginning and is thrilled to continue this adventure in the place where "Everybody's Somebody"! Alyssa is excited to share her experience and knowledge in singing, acting, improvisation, technical theatre, and theatrical writing to all of the students at Snellville Performing Arts!


our creative team

maddie mousseau


& dance teacher

Maddie Mousseau Headshot.jpg

nico nazal


& dance teacher

Headshot - Scott McDonald.jpg
IMG_9316 (1).jpg

scott mcdonald



music director
& voice teacher


jacob undersun

music director

& acting teacher

travis scoggins

music director

& voice teacher

ravyn calderon


& dance teacher

Alicia Headshot 2020.JPG

alicia pillsbury
junior company

Katie Keel Headshot.jpeg
Carrie Moll Heashot compressed.jpg

katie keel

music director

& voice teacher

eric mojica

music director

& voice teacher

carrie moll

music director

& voice teacher


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