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our sponsors

Snellville Performing Arts donors and sponsors make it financially possible for us to provide quality theatre and performing arts programs to our local community at affordable prices.  Our sponsors and donors help us empower our youth to create deep, sustaining connections with themselves, their community, and the world around them.  We believe in an immersive experience that allows young people to learn and grow through active participation in the performing arts, as well as planning and participating in community outreach programs.  We are constantly developing and creating new programs for our students and the surrounding community to enjoy, and these are the people who help make it all possible. 

Sponsorship Circles - Season Presenters.
Sponsorship Circles - The Producers Circ
Sponsorship Circles - The Directors Circ

Catherine & Ken Tralongo

Patrick & Darlene Wallace

Sponsorship Circles - Stage Crew.png

Thank you to all of the business and individual sponsors above, as well as others who have contributed to our success!  Everybody's Somebody at Snellville Performing Arts and you're a very special somebody to us!

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